Discourse by Shri Vivek Gupta

About the Speaker: Vikekji is relatable and engaging precisely because he understands where we come from. Despite following society’s rubric for success like many of us — first attending a prestigious business school and later managing a multimillion-dollar business — Vivekji found himself profoundly dissatisfied. Driven to seek more from life, he joined Chinmaya Mission’s residential monastery in India, where he lived and studied as a monk for more than two years under the spiritual master, Swami Tejomayananda. (More information about his youtube and podcast offerings are given below).

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More about Shri Vivek Ji: Having discovered that the only purpose of life is to be independently joyous, Vivekji continues to share his insights on this unifying and universal vision through weekly courses, interactive workshops, and international retreats.
His dynamic talks reach audiences through a multiplicity of mediums. 

  • Podcast : Live Vedanta
  • Youtube: Chinmaya Mission Niagara YouTube channel delivers insights on practical self-development for all demographics
  • Daily Meaningful Mornings sessions on Facebook and Instagram, which explore timeless insights in unforgettable 15-minute doses

Shri Vivek is the author of two books, most recently The Seeker’s Wordbook (2021), which is considered an indispensable introduction to 100 core concepts of meaningful living.

Vivekji currently serves as the spiritual guide of Chinmaya Mission Niagara Falls; he has also started centres in London and Cleveland and supported centres in Albany and Pittsburgh. He lives in Niagara Falls, Canada, with his wife, Sheela, and their two children.

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