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CMS Membership Registration 2022-2023
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Note: This registration will cover the entire family, and all activities, such as Hindi class, Swaranjali and Stotradāra

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Bala Vihar Information

[field24] is in grade [field132]
Workbook 1 costs $[field153]

[field30] is in grade [field133]
Workbook 2 costs $[field154]

[field68] is in grade [field134]
Workbook 3 costs $[field155]

Shisuvihar workbook costs [field 172]

Bharadwaj  workbook costs [field 173]

Dhruva workbook costs [field 174]

Sandeepany workbook costs [field 175]

Vyasa workbook costs [field 176]

Shankara wookbook costs [field 177]

Chinmaya wookbook costs [field 178]

Prahalada wookbook costs [field 179]

Permission for photographs to be used for Seattle Chinmaya Mission social media .Pictures and videos of group activities will be used in promotional material. However, if you or members of your family are individually photographed in any activity, do you give us permission to use individual pictures?
Does your employer offer matching gift programs for donations and other service activities?
Payment Information

We are charging a convenience fee of [field166*100]%

Workbook for Dhruva

Check should be made payable to "Chinmaya Mission Seattle" and mailed to 
Maniketh Gopikrishnan
27230 SE 19th Ct
Sammamish WA 98075

For all payment related questions, please contact the treasurer (Gopi: gopi_fin@yahoo.com)





Workbook for [field24]


Workbook for [field30]


Workbook for [field68]


Convenience Fee


$ [field75 + field153+field154+field155 + field180]
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