Welcome to prasad Sign-up calendar. Please select from the calendar below, the date(s) (Sunday’s only) you want to volunteer for bringing prasad and provide your name and contact information.

What can you bring? Prasad should be symbolic – such as a few raisins, a little barfi (please bring paper napkins for serving), cookies or a banana. Keep in mind that some children may be allergic to nuts, so a nut-free option is appreciated. Please avoid items containing eggs/gelatin and other non-vegetarian proteins.

The date will change to Yellow after booking until it is approved by admin. Once approved, the color will change to Red and your name will appear as a volunteer in the table below.

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Prasad Seva Volunteers

Anu MurthyAnu.hvmurthy@gmail.com02/24
Ambika Shastrybshastry@yahoo.com03/03
Sushma Venugopalharisush@gmail.com03/10
Vasavi Tankalavasavi_e2001@yahoo.com03/17