Happiness Workshop by Vivek Gupta

Sunday, March 17 to Tuesday, March 19

Vivek Ji is a spiritual teacher and public speaker with Chinmaya Mission, an international non-profit organization working to transform individuals through the knowledge of Vedanta. He graduated from the intensive residential Vedanta course, taught by Pujya Swami Tejomayananda at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya in India in 2007 and has continued to serve Chinmaya Mission in various capacities since.

Through his inspiring, innovative, and insightful style, Vivek Ji makes Vedanta relevant, relatable and reachable to audiences across generations and cultures.

An array of community groups, academic forums, professional associations, medical departments and religious organizations around the world, such as The Office of the Pentagon in Washington and the Regional Mental Health Care Hospital in London, have invited Vivek Ji to share his wisdom on life and living.

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