What is Seva?

To perform Selfless dedicated service without any thought of rewards or personal benefit.

Why should we do Seva?

Service to the needy is Service rendered to our Lord. Seva is not merely an act of charity. It is service to God in the form of man. Simply put, Seva is the very essence of devotion. To help the needy is our duty and privilege. Every Sunday morning we gather together with our children and make a pledge to “…. live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service… ”

It’s our duty to fulfill the pledge and put in action. It is a great opportunity for us to teach “by example” to be grateful to all that we have been blessed with and to instill the value of service from a young age.

Seva Bhava

In order to achieve all of the above we have to constantly remind ourselves that we are indeed His instrument as well as to offer the fruits of our service at His feet.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to participate in serving the need of those in need in our community.

Community Service Projects

Northwest Harvest is a non-profit organization supporting food banks in Washington State. Northwest Harvest distributes food to a network of more than 370 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools throughout Washington State.

CMS sends a group of 10 volunteers on the first Saturday of each month to volunteer at the Kent warehouse. At the warehouse, volunteers repackage bulk food into family-sized portions, as well as sorting food drive donations.   It’s incredible to see how much can be accomplished in just two hours. It is a fun and inspiring way to spend a Saturday afternoon, living the aspiration of our pledge "producing more than what we consume and giving more than what we take.."

Click here to signup to volunteer at Northwest Harvest

Official Site (JoR) is a non-profit trust that provides books to schools, non-profits, and communities to augment their existing libraries or setup new libraries. It was started in 2010 and has its presence both in USA and India. JoR’s vision is to spread the pleasure of reading everywhere among children, youth and adults. JoR primarily supplies books to non-profits, NGOs, govt. schools, govt. aided schools and a few communities. The goal is to reach corners of India where schools cannot afford to provide libraries and children are without access to good fictional or non-fictional books. In December 2018, Sandeepany Class spearheaded a book drive at CMS and collected, sorted and delivered over 1000 books to the JoR.
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Hope Place Website Hope Place is a 12 month, residential recovery program designed to help women and children caught up in cycles of abuse and addiction break free from destructive behaviors. It is part of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission started in 1932 to feed and care for those suffering from the Great Depression. Our Seva team has organized an upcoming opportunity for middle schoolers from our Vyasa class to go together to prepare and serve a meal at Hope Place. Says one student :
"I know how lucky I am - I have so much more than just a roof over my head, and these poor people don't even have this basic thing to keep you safe and protected. I can't wait to do something to help. I know it will be hard to see people suffering, but as I sit here at home and look at the snow outside, I can't think of anything I would rather do than help and I am so thankful that Hope Place provides me the chance to do something."