What is Study Group?

The focus of the Study Group is on the study, logical reflection and application of the teachings of the Vedantic scriptures in daily life. The aim is to gain Self-knowledge. To explain the importance of constant reflection, Swami Chinmayananda gave the example of a cup of coffee with a spoon of sugar at the bottom. Until and unless the sugar is stirred, the coffee remains bitter. Similarly, knowledge is only absorbed when it is properly stirred by the intellect. The role of the Study Group is to stir knowledge so that its sweetness becomes one with the personality.

Members of the group support each other by sharing their study, knowledge, reflections and experiences of personal application. There are no particular requirements for joining a study group. All one needs is a desire for gaining Vedantic knowledge.

Furthermore children will emulate their parents and it is essential that parents are grounded in Vedanta so they can guide their children when the need arises.

See the available study groups offered for Chinmaya Mission Seattle

“Study Groups constitute the heart of our Mission. The ideas, when discussed with others, not only become deeply rooted in you, but as they become clearer in your own understanding, they also inspire those who listen to you.” Swami Chinmayananda

Yuva Kendra

Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) is a global youth wing of Chinmaya Mission. It aims to empower youth with the vision, values, and dynamism for success in all fields. CHYK is aimed for college students and young professionals with a goal to harness youth potential through dynamic spirituality.

CHYK Seattle conducts weekly self-development and spirituality discussions based on Hindu texts (Hanuman Chalisa, Bhaja Govindam, Bhagavad Gita, etc), as well as social outings and seva (service) activites! CHYK meets on Sunday evenings in Seattle.

Please contact us at chykseattle@gmail.com with any questions, or find CHYK Seattle on Facebook or Instagram!

CMS Study Groups

Sunday Vedanta Study Group (during Balavihar)
When: 3:30am- 4:30pm
Where: Education Building; Eastshore Unitarian Church Bellevue
Text: Self Unfoldment
Contact: email / phone

Sunday Morning Vedanta Study Group
When: 7:00am-8:00 am
Where:  10028 124th Ave NE Kirkland, WA 98033
Text: Tattvabhoda
 email / phone

Tuesday Sharanagathi  Vedanta Study Group (for Devis and Devas)
10:30am -12:00pm
4321 239th Pl SE Issaquah WA 98029

Text: Sadhana Panchakam
Contact: email / phone