Weekend Workshop
with Swami Ishwarananda

About the Weekend Workshop

In his book, “The Life of I – On the Sadhana Trail” Swami Ishwarananda depicts the story of an agnostic who journeys from skepticism to spirituality and the discovery of the Self. We are given insight into the steps to eternal happiness as described through Vedanta philosophy.

In a 5-part workshop based on this book, Swamiji reveals age-old truths, teachings and values that pervade faith, culture, time and place. He presents a simple take on the complex sermons and teachings of seers through the ages. He conveys the value of dissolving the ego using practical, intelligible processes that are relevant to the busy professionals and multi-taskers of today. The narrative is interspersed with relevant questions on the purpose and significance of love, wealth, work and God in human life.

About Swami Ishwarananda

Swami Ishwarananda is the Head Archarya of Chinmaya Mission, Los Angeles,  one of the Directors of Chinmaya Mission West (CMW) and the Guiding Swamiji for Chinmaya Mission Seattle. An accomplished master of Vedantic philosophy, Swamiji  is a popular spiritual and management speaker in the US. He is known for conveying with simplicity the universality of spiritual teachings. With humor and clarity, he guides the seekers of today to implement this wisdom in day-to-day living.

Swamiji is also a very discerning author providing deep scriptural imports in well-known books including Conscious Living, Silent Search, Mukunda Mala, Dew Drops, Pathways to Peace, Guru Stotram and The Life of I.